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Saica chooses Voith’s R2S reactor for wastewater treatment

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Saica chooses Voith’s R2S reactor for wastewater treatment

February 05, 2014 - 07:46
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HEIDENHEIM, Germany, Feb. 5, 2014 (Press Release) - When building its new mill in Partington, Great Britain, the paper manufacturer Saica chose Voith's wastewater treatment system with an R2S reactor, which is a two-stage high-performance reactor for anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater. Voith has already sold 19 of these reactor types worldwide.

Saica is very satisfied with its new system. Federico Asensio, the Deputy General Manager and RD Group Director at Saica, is happy to confirm this: "For a customer, it is important to rely on the technical know-how and commitment of the supplier, especially if there is an unexpected situation. Thanks to the strong collaboration between Voith and Saica, the initial problems have been solved and the wastewater treatment system finally achieved our original expectations. Its operation is smooth and stable."

At Saica, wastewater treatment is coordinated very precisely to the specifics of paper manufacturing. The system is designed for daily production amounting to 1,400 metric tons of corrugated board base paper from 100% recovered paper, and thus for ca. 6,300 m³ of wastewater daily.

The rugged R2S reactor at Saica breaks down around 80% of the load. Up to 25,000 Nm³ of biogas is produced daily. This gas is available as an additional energy source and can be used for steam or power generation. As the concept is specifically coordinated to the paper mill, the limit values for the wastewater are also reliably and safely adhered to. The amount of excess sludge is also reduced.