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Ence increases electricity production by 3% in first 9M of 2012 to 1,169 million kWh

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Ence increases electricity production by 3% in first 9M of 2012 to 1,169 million kWh

October 22, 2012 - 00:59
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MADRID, Spain, Oct. 22, 2012 (Press Release) -The company's production, which increased by 3% during the first nine months of the year, is enough to meet the electricity needs of over one million people.

Ence - Energía y Celulosa produced 1,169.65 million kWh of electricity as of September 2012, which represents an increase of 3% with regard to the same period of 2011 and the consolidation of the company's energy activities which concluded the definitive start-up in Huelva of the largest electricity generation plant using biomass in Spain.

The improvements in efficiency and investments which focused on saving energy allowed electricity production at Ence's various plants to increase as of September. The Pontevedra plant therefore increased its output by 6%, exceeding 171 million kWh. Ence's plants in Navia (Asturias) exceeded 385 million kWh, which represents an increase of 4% with regard to the same period from January to September 2011. Lastly, the plant in Huelva, which generated more than half of all the company's electricity, also improved its energy output by 1%, which means that in September the plant reached 613 million kWh.

This data reinforces Ence's energy profile while the company continues to move forward in developing an additional 210 MW to its current rated capacity of 180 MW that it already generates from biomass alone. The first 50 MW of this ambitious plan come from the plant in Huelva, which is immersed in the last phase of testing and adjustments in order to definitively start up the plant as soon as possible.

Also, the project for constructing the 20 MW plant in Mérida is already in progress, another of Ence's most advanced projects that is in its initial stages after awarding the turnkey construction contract to Sener Ingeniería y Sistemas.

Simultaneously, Ence continues to move forward with the projects in progress that are temporarily affected by the suspension of renewable energies, in view of the fact that they are prepared to begin construction as quickly as possible once the suspension has been lifted. The company intends to continue investing and growing in the energy sector with the aim of having a stable and recurring EBITDA of 100 million euros, obtained exclusively from this line of business, by the end of 2015. In addition, Ence is driving international development regarding electricity generation using biomass, and has created a team of highly qualified professionals for this purpose. Over the coming years, this line of business will allow the company to focus on the significant international potential created by Ence in the energy sector as a result of developing a technological platform for energy crops and electricity output using biomass, technologies in which the company is a leader worldwide.