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Burgo to substitute heavy fuel oil with natural gas at Ardennes mill

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Burgo to substitute heavy fuel oil with natural gas at Ardennes mill

January 07, 2015 - 18:50
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BRUSSELS, Dec 19, 2014 (RISI) - Burgo will start using natural gas instead of heavy fuel oil in the boilers at its 350,000 tonne/yr Ardennes coated woodfree (CWF) paper mill in southern Belgium next year. It will also replace the electrical infra-red drying machines with some running on natural gas.

The Belgian natural gas transmission system operator Fluxys will add 6.7 km of new piping between the town of Virton and the village of Rouvroy, which will also connect the Ardennes mill to its system. The construction of the pipeline will start after Fluxys has received all the necessary permits and probably no earlier than March next year. Burgo expects to be using the gas from September next year.

Through this switch, the Ardennes mill will cut its consumption of heavy fuel oil by 15,000 tonnes/yr. It will continue this reduction in the future through various projects aimed at decreasing its energy consumption, a company spokesperson said. About 90% of the mill's energy needs are currently covered by biomass.

With this move, Burgo will reduce its environmental footprint by diminishing its CO2 emissions as well as emissions from heavy fuel oil and transport, and reduce its energy costs.

The project will cost Burgo some Euro 10 million ($13 million). Fluxys will cover the costs for laying the pipeline.

Heat-sharing project advances: In 2011, Burgo and the town of Virton selected Equitherm, a consulting firm specializing in energy supply solutions, to look at energy sharing potential between the two entities. Both parties wanted to use Burgo's surplus of hot steam and water to heat several buildings in Virton.

Since then, the parties have installed such heating for a sports and culture facility next to the mill, which will be operational next spring. 

"Similar studies are underway for heating municipal buildings in Virton," the spokesperson said.