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RISI launches new North American Bioenergy Membership Service

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RISI launches new North American Bioenergy Membership Service

March 24, 2011 - 05:30
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BEDFORD, MA, March 24, 2011 (Press Release) -RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, today announced the launch of the North American Bioenergy Membership Service. This new service is a comprehensive package of economic and market analysis information covering the North American bioenergy industry. Subscribers will gain invaluable access to ongoing bioenergy industry trend analysis in the form of an annual 5-year outlook on bioenergy demand and supply development by key sector (wood pellets, bio-power, and bio-fuels) including corresponding wood biomass demand, supply and pricing forecast as well as three quarterly research reports on industry "hot topics". In addition, the Service will provide access to a regularly updated and validated North American bioenergy projects database, other supporting databanks, monthly wood biomass pricing and analysis, wood pellet industry and price survey data and weekly industry news coverage.

Anne Rahikainen, RISI Director of Bioenergy Services, commented, "The North American bioenergy industry is a dynamic and forever changing sector, making it difficult for investors and executives to get a real-time grasp on what is happening. This new service is tailored specifically for those organizations and individuals by providing regular and up-to-date analytics for this market." She continued, "The North American Bioenergy Service that provides regular updates on key areas such as biomass supply, pricing, industry capacity and output, international trade, policy and sector cost competiveness. This new RISI service continues to anchor RISI as the firm uniquely positioned to best serve the information and market research needs of the North American bioenergy sector."

The North American Bioenegy Service is comprised of the following products and services:

  • North American Bioenergy 5-year Forecast - 5-year forecast of North American bioenergy demand and supply developments and biomass supply, demand and pricing.
  • North American Bioenergy Quarterly Research Reports - In-depth analysis of selected topics covering bioenergy markets. biomass supply, regulatory environment, international market developments, technology and competitiveness (Subscribers to contribute to topic ideas).
  • North American Wood Biomass Projects Database - Regularly updated database of North American Wood Biomass Projects including existing and new industry capacity.
  • Wood Biomass Market Report - Monthly updates on regional North American wood biomass markets & prices.
  • North American Timber & Wood Biomass News Service - A weekly compilation of the top news stories pertaining to the North American Bioenergy sector.
  • Economic Outlook Presentation - Subscribers are entitled to one yearly outlook presentation to be delivered by RISI Bioenergy Economists either in person or via video conference.
  • Telephone Consulting - Subscribers are given direct contact information for RISI's Bioenergy Economists and Editors allowing them to reach out and directly ask questions about trends in the Bioenergy sector and implications to their businesses.

Who should subscribe to the North American Bioenergy Membership Service:

  • Bioenergy industry executives looking for information on biomass supply, pricing and industry competitive environment and market trends.
  • Major forest owners seeking to understand the long-term demand for woody biomass energy, how quickly it will develop and how sustainable it will be.
  • Forest products manufacturing companies looking at competition for fiber and/or possible benefit through government programs that give them credit for renewable energy production.
  • Equipment suppliers wanting perspective on where and how much demand for specialized harvesting equipment, chippers, trucks, pelletizing equipment, etc. will develop.
  • Banks, hedge funds and other investors needing perspective on biomass energy development.
  • Transport companies - both rail companies looking at transporting pellets, chips and other biomass for energy within the USA and shipping companies looking to transport chips/pellets to Europe.
  • Overseas industry players looking for biomass supply and ongoing perspective into the North American biomass and bioenergy markets.

The North American Bioenergy Service is currently available. To order or for more information, please email us at or call us at 866-281-8525 (press option #3).

The North American Bioenergy Membership Service is one of many bioenergy and wood biomass related products and solutions offered by RISI. Visit for more information about how RISI can supply your information and consulting needs in the bioenergy area.