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Greif reduces electricity consumption by using ThinkEco's energy-challenge platform

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Greif reduces electricity consumption by using ThinkEco's energy-challenge platform

August 13, 2012 - 04:12
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DELAWARE, OH and NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2012 (PRNewswire) -

ThinkEco (, a New York City-based energy-efficiency company, and Greif, Inc. a world leader in industrial packaging products and services, teamed up to prove that when equipped with an interactive and actionable energy platform, employees can effortlessly learn energy efficient habits and automatically save tons of energy. Through the four-month Greif Energy Efficiency Challenge, participating employees at Greif's Delaware, Ohio headquarters were able to improve their energy IQ, spark broader energy dialogue and reduce electricity consumption by using ThinkEco's energy-challenge platform.

ThinkEco's energy-challenge platform combines its award-winning modlet with an engaging web application that allows participants to create custom teams, share ideas with teammates, view earned badges and track their team's performance relative to others by pinpointing sources of energy use and savings. The modlet is a smart plug that enables users to wirelessly meter and control power use at the plug level. Users can reduce energy waste by presetting individual outlets to turn on and off based on tenant schedules, or remotely switching them on/off from a smart phone. By integrating the modlet with an attractive web-based energy-challenge software, ThinkEco enables participants to identify where they are wasting the most energy, and empowers them to act on that information as a team by automating savings using the modlet or educating each other online about energy-saving habits.

Before partnering with ThinkEco, Greif already had a robust sustainability program in place. However, the company wanted to find a way to further engage employees to become active participants in energy savings. The Greif Energy Efficiency Challenge was designed to address this need, with the goal of facilitating its 60 participating employees to become active leaders and advocates for energy savings.

For the challenge, each participant received one modlet that could be individually monitored and controlled. They were then organized into two teams of 30 employees each, enabling collaboration to maximize performance. The two teams competed on the basis of both energy savings and energy knowledge, with badges and points earned for participation in learning activities. For example, one badge activity encouraged participants to identify active and standby power states of devices monitored by modlets.