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Energy company plans to redevelop four former pulp and paper sites in US and Canada

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Energy company plans to redevelop four former pulp and paper sites in US and Canada

December 01, 2010 - 07:53
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AUSTIN, TX, Nov. 22, 2010 (Market Wire) -Applied Concepts for Energy, Inc. a subsidiary of NX Global, Inc. /quotes/comstock/11k!negs announced today a joint venture to redevelop at least four former paper and pulp processing plants in the U.S. and Canada. Each one of these sites are Brownfield sites perfectly suited with limited permitting for our intended uses.

The first plant is a 2,200 acre site in Quebec where we expect to use between 400 and 800 acres to develop what is the prototype model for all sites. The operations include waste to energy, waste to compost, food growing from the compost and sales of the compost. Additional developments include algae growing for human consumption. Each site will be developed in modules as the waste that fuels each module becomes available. The initial site will process 1,000 tons of waste per day starting at 300 tons and adding in 100 ton increments as the waste from the region becomes available.

The compost from the waste is done by a patented process that breaks down the waste using microbes that produces a basically inert substance in seven days and three more days for final curing. All waste is housed in large containers and all gases are sequestered so that there is no odor to the outside in any of the process. Non biological waste is recycled and other waste that can't be composted is pelletized for processing energy. The CO2 produced from the energy formation is reused in the compost and is used in the algae and food production to speed the growing cycle and enhance the yield. Portions of these systems have been used in central and northern Europe for more than a decade with tremendous success. The growing of all products can be done year-round even in the coldest climates.

The initial project is expected to begin with the engineering phase upon the receipt of an air quality permit for the site that is in process. The initial site work and build out is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2011. The majority of the equipment needed has a six to nine month lead time from order to installation.

Funding from several sources is being considered and is readily available with substantial amounts available from Canadian investors and Canadian governmental sources. The parties participating in the project have been involved since September 2009 and have garnered support from many local businesses and governmental agencies. The site is expected to provide in excess of 800 jobs in the region at the conclusion of the total build out.

The total development costs are estimated to exceed $100 million dollars in $25 to $35 million increments.

These projects signal our return to the business model originally described in early 2010.

About NX Global: NX GLOBAL, Inc. /quotes/comstock/11k!negsand its subsidiaries are publicly traded companies located in the USA.

The company's current focus includes various alternative energy production models to which we provide construction management services and will be the primary operator of the site's post construction, either of the whole project or in some locations limited to the waste to energy facilities. The alternative energy methods of production include waste to energy, farming of green algae and bio-mass and bio-fuels production plus food for human construction.

Our current subsidiary in the Green IT Division sell, service and train clients' personnel on necessary software to integrate, manage and maintain medium sized IT departments migration to, plus implementation and maintenance of deployed virtualization, storage and utilization of cloud computing technology.