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Coalition of Ontario manufacturers seeks ‘open debate’ on industrial power rates

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Coalition of Ontario manufacturers seeks ‘open debate’ on industrial power rates

September 29, 2011 - 06:39
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TORONTO, Sept. 23, 2011 (Press Release) -A Coalition of Ontario resource and manufacturing industries is pleased to see more and more open debate on electricity prices and energy policies in the upcoming provincial election. We believe it is important that all industries that are major users of power benefit from an electricity price structure that is competitive with other jurisdictions and will encourage jobs retention and investment in our province.

Since we represent many energy intensive industries we wanted to reinforce those key policy points important to our coalition members at this critical decision time for all Ontario voters. We believe that the next Ontario government

- Needs to commit to creating a new electricity policy that is more transparent, efficient and competitive for manufacturing.

- Should lower the threshold of the eligibility criteria for using the 5-coincident peak formula for determining Global Adjustment payments to all customers that use interval meters.

- Should review the concept and contents of the Global Adjustment. The Global Adjustment charges have played a large part in making Ontario's electricity rates uncompetitive.

- Should review the operations of the agencies controlling the province's electricity supply and distribution to find and implement efficiencies.

The cost of power is very significant for most manufacturers. For many energy-intensive manufacturers, this has become a barrier to innovation and reinvestment in Ontario. It has weakened the province's competitive position and narrowed its economic base.

We look forward to hearing more from all political parties in the weeks ahead about this key election topic.

The Coalition includes the following organizations:

- Association of Southern Ontario Paper Mills

- Canadian Foundry Association

- Cement Association of Canada

- Northumberland Manufacturers Association

- Ontario Forest Industries Association

- Paper Packaging Canada

- Quinte Manufacturers Association