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ABTCP and Riadicyp to hold 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition in São Paulo, Oct. 6 - 8

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ABTCP and Riadicyp to hold 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition in São Paulo, Oct. 6 - 8

August 23, 2015 - 17:39
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SAO PAULO, Aug. 24, 2015 (Press Release) -Trends that will permeate the future of the sector will be discussed, as well as incentives for innovation and competitiveness required to identify innovative solutions to address the challenges of the current global economic times. The Ibero-American Conference will take place in parallel with the traditional ABTCP Congress this year and will highlight scientific papers and cases in the pulp and paper industry.

The Pulp and Paper International Congress, this year in its 48th edition, will take place from October 06th to 08th at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo, and establishes itself as a reference in the global agenda of industry technical events. It's a great opportunity for the visitor to get acquainted with the trends which will permeate the future of the sector, as well as to attend the discussions with the leading experts in the pulp and paper industry.

This year, the Congress theme will focus on the interface "Innovation and Competitiveness" and, in parallel, the 1st Ibero-American Conference will discuss Bio-Economy, as a concurrent event, carried out jointly with ABTCP 2015, under the central theme "Innovation", with focus on Economy, Energy and Bio-inspired Materials - BEM 2015 - organized by Riadicyp - Red Iberoamericana de Docencia e Investigación en Celulosa y Papel (Ibero-American Network for Teaching and Research on Pulp and Paper).

"The Congress is essential to bring visibility to the work carried out inside ABTCP itself. The entity counts on several technical committees, such as Cellulose, Environment, Energy, Maintenance, Recovery and Energy, besides additional production process steps. So, such participation and share of information between them brings much value, as the expertise of professionals from the pulp and paper sector and from Riadicyp experts will be added", highlights Francisco Valério, president of ABTCP Congress.

Over the years, more and more attention has been given to carry on simultaneous events to ABTCP Congress, as a means to add value to the speeches and promote interaction between academic researchers and industry professionals, manufacturers and suppliers, among others, about successful experiments in pulp mills of major global players. "I believe such exchange of information has been occurring over the years, because people attending the Congress are qualified and have a lot of knowledge to share", reminds Valério.

For Song Won Park, from São Paulo University (USP), who will chair the 1st Ibero-American Conference on Bio-Economy, ABTCP Congress will enhance the relationship between industry professionals, besides presenting scientific papers from several Ibero-American countries. "The initiative of Riadicyp members, attending ABTCP Congress, will certainly work for enriching the various subjects already traditionally addressed annually by the Association", states Park.

For the last years ABTCP has been working hard in order to improve its processes and add value to all activities developed to the industry professionals. "In this context, the Annual International Congress has received special attention, since it is our main technical event", states Darcio Berni, ABTCP Executive Director.

Still, according to Valério, the event, which aggregates the Exhibition of technologies parallel to the Congress, is also an essential moment to professional training. "The Congress is a complement of the work developed throughout the year by ABTCP Technical Committees and seminars, on several subjects related to paper, pulp and environment, among others. This combination helps, and helps a lot, the professional training", he says.

In his opinion, another issue which will be emphasized during the three days of the event in 2015 will be the ultimate inclusion of the topic sustainability in the business vision of the sector's companies. "Reputation, governance, respect to human rights, the environment, products quality, everything is related to sustainability in a long term strategy. I would say that, in this century, more and more, such intangible items will have a greater importance. It is a market survival issue", he explains.

Parallel Conference

Researches related to the interaction of forest based businesses with the new bio-economy will be presented during this joint event, in 2015; efficient use of resources, with sustainable management and consumption of materials; the integration of the forest based biomaterials sector with the renewable energy sector; among others.

Seven topics will be discussed during ABTCP Congress and the 1st Ibero-American Conference on Bio-Economy, such as the market for lignocellulosic materials, pulp and paper; forest based biomaterials, bio refinery and biotechnology; production of pulp, nanotechnology, delignification and bleaching; production of paper, advanced applications, nanotechnology and recycling; and other matters like chemical recovery and concepts of energy efficiency; engineering of process systems, including automation; environmental management; packaging and tissue paper.

According to Park, ABTCP Congress, besides being of technical relevance, is also a useful tool to historical analysis. "The initial Congress editions, when the technology of pulping and bleaching of Kraft eucalyptus cellulose was discussed, still are unique reference sources for young researchers", he exemplifies.

He believes that a very effective internationalization cycle in discussed themes occurred in the last decade. Due to this fact, ABTCP and Riadicyp, joined forces to set up this event in the current model of "Held Jointly", in other words, events which are organized in conjunction, where several conferences combine their activities. "It will be a very productive exchange of experiences among the participants of both events, as already happed in 2012, under this format, during the 45th ABTCP, which was arranged in total combination with VII CIADICYP", he highlights.


In parallel to the Congress, the traditional International Pulp and Paper Exhibition, which brings together more than 100 exhibitors, takes place in the pavilions of Transamerica Expo Center. It is a modern and dynamic structure which offers to more than eight thousand visitors a unique opportunity to build relationship with key suppliers and manufacturers in the industry, bringing customers and partners together by concentrating, in one place, national and international companies working throughout pulp and paper production chain.

Since 2013, the Association keeps on making changes in the Congress and Exhibition, positively perceived by the attendees, such as expanding the scope of presented themes, investments in the physical structure of the event, placing the Congress and the Exhibition in the same area, and bringing increasingly renowned speakers encompassing the most diversified and essential topics in the forest area.

About ABTCP 2015

The 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition, arranged by ABTCP, will take place from October 06th to 08th this year, in São Paulo, SP, and is recognized as one of the major sector occurrences, bringing together professionals willing to exchange knowledge and experience on such productive chain, in the most diverse areas.

Such is its representativeness for the sector that this edition estimates to host over 800 experts and technicians of international reputation. The event happens in conjunction with the also traditional industry Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhibition.


Date:October 6th to 8th, 2015

Place:Transamerica Expo Center - São Paulo/SP

Hours:Congress - from 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM; Exhibition - from 01:00 PM to 08:00PM.

Registrations, Congress program and additional information at the