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Kadant BoosTEK technology increases fiber yield, cuts energy consumption

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Kadant BoosTEK technology increases fiber yield, cuts energy consumption

October 10, 2017 - 21:44
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VITRY-le-FRANCOIS, France , Oct. 10, 2017 (Press Release) -Kadant Lamort SAS, a subsidiary of Kadant Inc., announces the release of the new BoosTEK Performance Pack for screening applications in OCC recycling, stock preparation, and pulp mills.

The BoosTEK Performance Pack utilizes system pressure to amplify the breakdown of stock mats that form on, and ultimately block, the screen cylinder. The proprietary technology improves the performance of the screen resulting in increased capacity, improved contaminant collection, and higher yield of clean pulp fiber.

“Significant savings make this a cost-effective upgrade with a compelling return on investment,” commented Jordi Goma, mill manager at Spanish tissue paper manufacturer Goma-Camps. “We have achieved up to a 40% reduction in energy consumption or up to a 65% gain in fiber yield depending on the operational focus.”

Alain Lascar, director of technology and marketing at Kadant Lamort, noted, “Our pilot lab testing and mill trials using the BoosTEK technology demonstrated lower energy consumption, while in other cases we realized significant fiber yield improvements. The operational gains can be meaningful and have a significantly positive impact on fiber processing.”

Installed on either the accept or the reject line of the screen, the gains can be both qualitative and quantitative. The BoosTEK Performance Pack’s adaptive and intelligent technology reacts to the needs of the upstream screen, optimizing the running conditions of the stock flow to maximize performance and output.

The system also provides actionable feedback to allow operators the ability to fine-tune the device for the desired results. With a low installation cost and small footprint, BoosTEK technology can be quickly and easily installed.

The BoosTEK Performance Pack has been successfully employed in Europe and is set for U.S. release in November 2017.

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