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Ence’s biofactory in Navia receives “Zero Waste” environmental seal certificate from AENOR

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Ence’s biofactory in Navia receives “Zero Waste” environmental seal certificate from AENOR

July 09, 2021 - 07:50
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MADRID, Spain, July 9, 2021 (Press Release) -Ence’s biofactory in Navia has successfully passed the “Zero Waste” environmental seal certification granted by AENOR to those organizations that carry out a more efficient management of their waste and that are capable of recovering it. All this thanks to the fact that, during the past year, the company’s facilities in Asturias managed to recover 97 percent of the waste.

The plant thus revalidates the results that made it worthy of recognition for the first time last year, and that make it a paradigm of responsible use of resources and circular economy.

The verification process carried out aims to guarantee the recovery, through reuse, recycling or through energy recovery, of the waste generated at the plant, thus avoiding its transfer to landfills. Also the traceability of the entire process, and the verification of the data related to the quantity of the different waste fractions.

This shows that the biofactory not only prevented these materials from ending up in landfills, but also reintroduced them into its value chain, giving them a new life.

In fact, Ence’s own biofactory activity is an example of contribution to the aforementioned circular economy: throughout the pulp production process, the plant produces and operates with materials of natural origin, renewable and recyclable. At the same time, it generates renewable electrical energy from biomass using lignin, a component of wood that constitutes an excellent renewable and natural biofuel, as well as forest debris.

In this way, the more than 6,900 jobs linked to Ence Navia also contribute, with their daily work, to reduce energy intensity and carbon footprint, as well as to advance on the path of the energy transition, towards the objectives of decarbonization marked from the European Commission.

Ence’s biofactories in Navia and Pontevedra hold the AENOR “Zero Waste” seal, to which Ence’s renewable generation plants with biomass in Jaén and Ciudad Real have recently joined. All of this reflects the company’s commitment to the circular economy model, while demonstrating its firm commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment.