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Ence Huelva’s renewable energy drives energy transition and promotes green recovery

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Ence Huelva’s renewable energy drives energy transition and promotes green recovery

June 11, 2021 - 06:52
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MADRID, Spain, June 10, 2021 (Press Release) -The renewable energy with biomass that Ence generates in its energy complex in Huelva takes on special relevance in the framework of promoting green recovery and the energy transition carried out by the economy. Its essential role stems from the need to have a manageable, renewable source that contributes to the decarbonization process of the national energy system, before the full development of other technologies that allow energy optimization in the network. All this, complying with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The company extrapolates to its energy business all its experience and the circular economy and energy efficiency model of its cellulose biofactories. In this way, as a producer of renewable energy, Ence values ​​the agricultural and forest biomass in the vicinity of its facilities in Huelva, turning it into a fuel of natural and renewable origin. A technology, biomass, that provides stability and manageability to the system, replacing other sources of fossil energy.

Ence’s activity thus contributes, on the one hand, to decarbonizing the national electricity system. And on the other, to solve an environmental problem by collecting and valuing these plant remains energetically. Its use supposes, in parallel, the creation of employment and activity in rural areas, essential for the establishment of the population and the fight against the phenomenon of “Empty Spain”.

It is estimated that the activity of the three plants of the company in the Andalusian province supposes the generation of more than 4,240 direct, indirect and induced jobs, of which more than 600 are workers of the plants themselves (Ence personnel and operation and maintenance contracts). Of the total number of Ence employees, more than 60% come from the municipality of San Juan del Puerto – adjacent to the power plants -, Huelva or from nearby towns.

In this way, Ence’s energy complex in Huelva is a model in the achievement of the SDGs, based on renewable generation with biomass. This is the case of the fight against climate change (SDG 13) and the promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy (SDG 7). In addition, the circular economy model that Ence, within its commitment to sustainability, manages and applies responsible Production and Consumption, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, the promotion of sustainable cities and communities, and the preservation of Life of terrestrial ecosystems.

The final objective of the company is to emulate nature and eliminate the waste concept, minimizing environmental impact, avoiding risky operations such as uncontrolled burning in the field and assuming an important dynamizer of the economy and employment.

Other strategies that mark Ence’s outstanding contribution to the SDGs are the direct and sustainable management of forest stands that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, the biodegradable nature of products made from Ence’s cellulose or the company’s commitment to innovation and the continuous implementation of the Best Available Technologies in its operating plants and in all its growth projects.