AB Grigeo Grigiškes signs agreement to supply heat energy to Vilnius

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AB Grigeo Grigiškes signs agreement to supply heat energy to Vilnius

April 08, 2016 - 00:55
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VILNIUS, Lithuania, March 31, 2016 (Globe Newswire) -Actively contributing to meeting Lithuania’s international commitments to increase the use of renewable energy sources in energy production, and also seeking to optimise production costs, AB Grigeo Grigiškės (the Company), upon completion of the project “Connection of the independent heat producer to Vilnius Heating Networks”, has signed an agreement on the purchase and sale of heat energy with UAB Vilniaus Energija.

According to the agreement, since April 2016 the Company undertook to supply heat energy, at the capacity and with the quality established in the agreement, to consumers of Grigiškės, without exceeding the heat energy capacity requirement of district heating system consumers during the heating and non-heating seasons. It is planned to sell up to 42,000 MWh of heat energy per year to supply heating to the town.

The Company will produce heat energy at its new 10 MW biofuel boiler house, which was completed in October 2014 and is equipped with a 2 MW condensing economiser, and will supply it through an intermediate heat exchange station built in 2016. The total investments of AB Grigeo Grigiškės in this project amounted over EUR 4.2 million, including EUR 1.7 million of support funds (Project No VP3-3.4-ŪM-02-K-02-020).