PCRRG welcomes launch of UK government's litter strategy

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PCRRG welcomes launch of UK government's litter strategy

April 13, 2017 - 03:47
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LONDON, April 12, 2017 (Press Release) -The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG) makes the following statement in response to the publication of the Government Litter Strategy:

The PCRRG welcomes the launch of the Government’s Litter Strategy and the recognition both of packaging’s role in protecting products, human health and reducing food waste (p34 3.3.3) and industry efforts across the paper cup supply chain to increase recovery and recycling of paper cups. (p 35 ‘Paper Cup Manifesto’).

The PCRRG’s primary role is acting as a catalyst for developing long-term supply chain solutions to the paper cup issue and believes that increased recovery and recycling is the most effective solution.

The PCRRG is actively working with various national litter organisations and believes that changing consumer attitudes is critical to increasing recycling rates. Encouraging consumers to make the right choice right at the beginning of a cup’s post-consumer life is essential to this. Encouraging initiatives that give consumers greater opportunity to recycle more, and more effectively, is a key pillar of the PCRRG’s work. Many PCCRG members are actively involved with, and investing in, pioneering schemes such as Hubbub’s current ‘Square Mile Challenge’ campaign in the City of London, which features, large, very visible, yellow cup recycling bins. Any activity to increase consumer communication around encouraging correct recycling is also welcomed. Alongside this, the PCRRG is actively involved with supporting initiatives to open up end markets for post-consumer cups and is encouraged that there are now multiple end of life options, including recovery and recycling at an increased number of facilities and second life options through schemes such as Simply Cups.

As these initiatives gain traction, collection rates will increase and subsequently littering will reduce as consumers deposit used cups in appropriate recycling bins either in store or on the street. In order to achieve this, the PCRRG believes that changing consumer behaviour is essential and a precursor to this is better understanding of consumer motivation towards recycling and it is therefore in the process of commissioning consumer behavioural research to give insight into future strategies.

The PCCRG believes that to achieve this necessary transformation in consumer behaviour, investment is required in appropriate, national behaviour change campaigns and encourages support of such activities. These must be developed collaboratively and must involve the whole packaging and producing sector in conjunction with the statutory authorities and NGOs.