Italy's Sael to rebuild drive and automation control system of cartonboard machine at Macedonian Paper Mills in Greece

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Italy's Sael to rebuild drive and automation control system of cartonboard machine at Macedonian Paper Mills in Greece

May 17, 2017 - 03:23
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TORRI DI QUARTESOLO, Italy , May 17, 2017 (Press Release) -Macedonian Paper Mills S.A( MEL) has awarded SAEL with the rebuilding of the complete drive and automation control system of their Board Machine, as well as the automation for the new Shoe Press which will be installed during a major stop of the paper mill in late June 2017.

After many years of operation with mostly outdated drives, and facing frequently problems in the control of the machine, due to the lack of a complete scada system, MEL decided to completely change not only the drive and automation system of the Board machine- but also their mentalitychoosing SAEL to be the supplier. With our philosophy, we want to give to the customer the ONE and only solution for all their challenges, saving time and money but also providing no less than the most updated and revolutionary technology existing in the market.

The scope of this project is to provide to MEL, two completely new cabinets, for DC and AC motors, with Platform ONE drives and a complete DCS Scalink, to manage the Board machine, in the best way and to reduce the costs of spare parts, faults and substitution timing. With Platform ONE drives, which are already installed also in the Jagenberg Vari Dur winder, MEL will have the possibility to keep actually only ONE electronic card as a spare part. The old electrical cabinets will be completely removed, creating a new long life, completely digital drive and automation system to last....

With the new DCS Scalink , with three 22 inch screens installed in 3 different engineering stations inside the paper mill, will be able to have in hand the complete machine, and to control their production in a perfect way. Above to that, new control desks will be distributed along the board machine, in order to give a completely new prospect and dynamic to the operators of the paper mill, having the possibility to control in an absolute way the complete process, from the formation of the paper to the Pope reel.

SAEL was also awarded from MEL, to provide the complete automation for the new Shoe Press, which will be installed in MEL, during the machine stop, in late June. The control of the shoe press will be handled from the DCS Scalink, choosing the corresponding page, giving the possibility to the operators to have in one system all the data needed to operate the machine more conveniently.

In the future it is also possible to include in the DCS Scalink, other existing PLC around the paper mills process, such as stock preparation, vacuum pumps, steam etc. In this way we give to the paper mill the possibility to gather all in one system and perform in the best way possible.

SAEL company profile

Since 1987 SAEL develops integrated systems and process controls solution for industrial automation with over 5.000 electronic equipments installed around the globe. A solid- made in Italy- company, is a leader on paper, steel, plastic and rubber, CNC and metallic wire machines. Two sites and over 45 employees in Italy, with hardware and software technical teams focused on the realization of projects and developments. 12% of the budget re-invested on R&D projects and new technologies research; AC and DC own drives with the main field busses communication protocols; supervision control systems with own technology and system integrator with the most popular Drivers; DNV UNI EN ISO 90001:2008 certified company.

The paper production has three key words: quality, efficiency, 24/24 continuous production. A committed and specialized Team focused on innovative solutions development: from the revamping of the existing machines up to the brand new production lines. Custom and Flexible solutions for easier and quick installations: Systems and friendly user interfaces for any production stage. A long experience over the years allows the full integration between the most popular branded components - Inverter, Converter, Plc - and the own Drives made by SAEL. This is the strength to fulfil any specific customer need and application.