DS Smith Tecnicarton presents its model of innovation management at 6th European Packaging Symposium in Valencia, Spain

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DS Smith Tecnicarton presents its model of innovation management at 6th European Packaging Symposium in Valencia, Spain

March 16, 2017 - 05:10
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LONDON, March 13, 2017 (Press Release) -DS Smith Tecnicarton makes the logistics and packaging problems of its customers into innovative products and solutions.

Tecnicarton presents its model of innovation management before those attending the 6th European Packaging Symposium held in Valencia between 7 and 9 March.

"If you want different results, do not do the same". A sentence from Albert Einstein addressed by Antonio Cebrián, marketing director of DS Smith Tecnicarton, to more than one hundred attendees to his presentation in the environment of the 6th Symposium ISTA - European Packaging Seminar, held in the facilities of the technological center ITENE Between 7 and 9 March.

In his speech “Innovation Management Process”, Cebrián revealed how a source of ideas for innovation is the resolution of the problems that arise in the day-to-day business. Thus the origin of the innovation is to offer response to quality incidents, logistics problems, lack of supply, quarantine, errors in deliveries, delays or lack of space in factories, among others.

In the case of Tecnicarton, the ideas that arise from the problems that customers have can be transformed into solutions thanks to the proper management.

For this, Tecnicarton tells, according to Antonio Cebrián to the attendees, the CEDI - Strategic Committee for Development and Innovation – is formed by members of the various departments of the company and whose objective is to promote ideas and transform them into real innovation projects and Objectively realizable. This committee has the mission to evaluate each of the ideas that are raised and prioritize them.

Thanks to this committee, the needs expressed by the clients are evaluated and a solution is offered with a global perspective.

According to Antonio Cebrián, "the fact that all departments participate, allows us to offer an integral solution to the customer that results in a reduction of costs, an optimized product or better packaging of their packaging."

Cebrián insisted on the multi-material nature of his proposals and allows them to offer complete solutions to solve any problems.

Presence of Tecnicarton at ISTA Symposium:

DS Smith Tecnicarton has participated in the 6th European Packaging Congress as a speaker and platinum sponsor. This congress, held at the ITENE facilities, has brought together over one hundred experts in packaging and logistics with the aim of discussing the challenges in the logistics sector. The congress was held between 7 and 9 March.

About Tecnicarton:

Tecnicarton is leader in innovative solutions for the industrial packaging sector. Its main activity is focused on solutions for the transport and logistics of high volume and weight products, as well as for products that require total protection in the logistics chain.

Tecnicarton currently works in new developments for clients such as Renault, Volkswagen or Ford, as well as manufacturers of equipment and components - airbags, projectors, dashboards, etc.). Its products are used both in operations for the original equipment, CKD and spare parts.

They also work for the aeronautical sector and food industry sector with packages of great weights and bulk.

Tecnicarton belongs to the DS Smith Group, supplier of corrugated packaging, leader in Europe and specialist in plastic packaging worldwide. It currently operates in 34 countries and employs around 25,400 people.