Mondi collaborates with ClimatePartner to create a CO2 neutral booth at digi:media in Germany

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Mondi collaborates with ClimatePartner to create a CO2 neutral booth at digi:media in Germany

April 05, 2011 - 01:03
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VIENNA, Austria, April 5, 2011 (Press Release) -

Climate change is an important issue for Mondi. Therefore, in cooperation with ClimatePartner, the global paper and packaging manufacturer has also implemented CO2 neutralising event planning with a CO2 neutral booth at digi:media.

"This event provides the ideal opportunity to raise awareness of climate change and encourage companies to invest in a comprehensive strategy to slow down or prevent climate change," says Alena Harms, ClimatePartner Project Director for Fairs & Events.

In order to neutralise the carbon footprint resulting from participating in digi:media, Mondi worked together with ClimatePartner to calculate emissions from booth operations relating to the transportation of equipment, onsite energy consumption and the CO2 released by the arrival and departure of participants. After carefully calculating the emissions, ClimatePartner neutralised the carbon footprint by purchasing certificates from recognised and verified CO2 offsetting projects.

Throughout 2010 Mondi re-launched two of its most popular Green Range digital printing papers as CO2 neutral products. Nautilus® SuperWhite, one of the company's 100% recycled papers, was the first product that offered customers the option to offset the emissions from production. Following the success of adding a CO2 neutral option to Nautilus® SuperWhite, Mondi re-launched Color Copy-the world's first paper specially designed for digital colour laser systems-solely as a CO2 neutral paper.

According to Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper, the company's environmental priority is emission reduction before offsetting; however, the recent introduction of CO2 neutral products reflects a progression of Mondi's focus on the responsible management and use of natural resources, the main tenet behind the Green Range. Mondi's Green Range consists of papers that are FSC or PEFC certified, TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), or 100% recycled.

Mondi leads a number of emission reduction projects, and calculates and reports their emissions to air based on the international assurance and audit standards ISAE 3000, ISO14064:3, and ISO 19011. Klumpp explains, -We have had great success with our energy efficiency projects. Several of our initiatives also substitute the use of fossil fuels with energy from biomass. The share of energy from biomass within Mondi was 55% at the end of 2010.

To offset the emissions that are an inevitable part of the production processes of Nautilus® SuperWhite and Color Copy, Mondi invests in a wind park project in New Caledonia and a composting project in Cape Town, South Africa; both are highly accredited.

At the concurring Media Mundo congress (April 7th & 8th), Andreas Feichtinger, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Business Development Manager for Green and Recycled Products, will be among the list of guest speakers, which includes journalists, sustainability consultants and industry experts. On April 8th Mr. Feichtinger will present his topic, -Eco-friendly production: an example of Mondi's holistic approach‖, which addresses current environmental problems within the context of company responsibility. Looking specifically at Mondi-led initiatives, Mr. Feichtinger will outline the company's overall environmental performance and further explain Mondi's CO2 footprint project, facts about CO2 neutral paper and the significance of environmental labels and certifications.

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