UK's PCRRG disagrees with Liberal Democrats’ pledge to impose 5p charge on paper coffee cups

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UK's PCRRG disagrees with Liberal Democrats’ pledge to impose 5p charge on paper coffee cups

May 19, 2017 - 04:25
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LONDON, May 17, 2017 (Press Release) -Neil Whittall, Chairman of the Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group (PCRRG) said:

“The PCRRG is strongly committed to tackling and reducing coffee cup waste. We have been working with our members to develop recovery and recycling activities and how best to promote behavioural change amongst consumers.

We do not believe a charge on paper cups is an appropriate way to deal with paper cup waste or to resolve the litter issue. Applying a charge to a product where there is no environment impact evidence to provide guidance on the most appropriate disposal route, may drive counter intuitive and unsustainable solutions. Furthermore, a charge on coffee cups is more likely to hit the consumer rather than support the recycling infrastructure.

PCRRG members are supporting initiatives such as the Square Mile Challenge to increase the recycling rates of paper cups, which is a great example of the momentum that can be created when the supply chain works together to facilitate change. Many of our members are also working together and individually on further projects to tackle coffee cup waste.

The PCRRG believes developing an effective national infrastructure for paper cup collection and processing is key to working towards a more sustainable paper cup supply chain and that taxes and charges are not an effective solution.”

The PCRRG represents over 40 organizations from across the paper cup, coffee retail, waste recycling and reprocessing, and local authority sectors. The group acts as a forum to create a noncompetitive environment for collaboration, and its members are proactively taking a market-led voluntary approach to increase paper cup recovery and recycling in the UK.